Reverse ombré

by Steph on June 19, 2012

Well long time no see friends! I am terribly sorry for my absence.  My laptop pooped out on me and to be honest I’m not as savvy on my iPad. If anyone knows how to add pictures to a blog with an iPad… Please give me a 101 lesson!   I figured after nearly six months of no blogging, it is definitely time for an update. Styles by Steph is still alive,kicking and busier than ever… Just not in the virtual world that is.  Ok so enough about my personal issues; let’s talk hair!

Im sure many of you know the term ombré by now. If not, surely you have seen someone with an ombré hairstyle and you didn’t know it. Think about a gradual fade from dark to light. If ombré still doesn’t  seem familiar then think about Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson and pretty much EVERY celebrity under the sun. They are all either rocking their ombres or have had an ombré and rocked it in the past.  Still not clicking? Here’s some photos of great examples :

gorgeous ombre


Miley Cyrus Ombre





The ombré style is still hot as ever! Katy Perry is sporting a pretty cool  pink and blonde ombré in this photo. Though that is not the topic of my discussion, I felt it necessary to throw that picture in the mix because it’s cool, cute and I’m dying to try it on someone!


If you are anything like myself and like to stand out in a crowd, perhaps you may be interested in a reverse ombré. The name means exactly what it says. Instead of fading from dark to light, why not fade from light to dark?  You can make this look as subtle or as funky as you’d like. Checkout the pics below for a better idea!

Remember the Katie Perry ombre I posted above? Well here is a reverse version! Super hot!

reverse ombre

reverse ombre




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